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Responding to the Scottish National Party (SNP)’s Joanna Cherry QC MP, Member of Parliament for Edinburgh South West’s victory in the Court of Session, which ruled that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of the UK Parliament is unlawful, Patricia Gibson MP said:

“Today’s ruling by Scotland’s highest court, following a legal case led my colleague Joanna Cherry MP QC, by the highest court in Scotland, makes it crystal clear that the Prime Minister’s closure of the Westminster Parliament is unlawful and unconstitutional. This is a huge victory and a vindication of our position. Prorogation must now cease.

“The court agreed it is unlawful to suspend Westminster for the specific purpose of preventing MPs from scrutinising the Brexit process and holding this shambolic Tory Government's damaging plans to account.

“The evidence is now clear that prorogation was planned by Mr Johnson and his de-facto second in command Dominic Cummings to prevent us from stopping them from forcing through a damaging no-deal Brexit against the will of the Scottish people and the majority of MPs.

“This ruling takes us one step closer to ensuring the UK Tory Government cancels their shameful prorogation. Mr Johnson cannot be allowed to break the law with impunity.”


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