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I had the pleasure of recently attending the 1st Largs Boys Brigade end of session display in Barrfields Theatre Largs.

This year's display was extra special as the Captain and officer-in-charge Jim Lamont and his wife, Bridie Lamont had announced that they would be stepping back after over 30 years of service to the Boys Brigade.

Well-deserved tribute was paid to them during the evening as their lifelong commitment was recognised and celebrated, as everyone wanted to show them great appreciation for everything they have done throughout the years not only for the Boys Brigade but also for the community of Largs.

As well as celebrating the boys of the 1st Largs, time was taken to reflect on the past thirty years in which Jim and Bridie Lamont led the Company, with a formal presentation to thank them for their selfless dedication.

I know that both Jim and Bridie remain committed to the 1st Largs Boys Brigade despite their retirement and will continue to be a source of support and guidance for the Company but I know we will all wish them a long and happy retirement after a lifetime of dedicated voluntary service to Largs.

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