Patricia Gibson MP branded new Scottish Secretary Alister Jack MP a ‘hypocrite’ for claiming EU subsidies while advocating a no-deal Brexit, which threatens 100,000 Scottish jobs.

Mr Jack has shares in Courance Farms, which has received £1,194,118.22 in Common Agricultural Fund subsidies since 2002.

Patricia Gibson MP said:

“Mr Jack’s hypocrisy in supporting a destructive no-deal Brexit while benefiting from substantial EU subsidies is simply staggering.

“The new Secretary of State has only been in his post a few short days, yet while he boasts of being a ‘hunting, fishing, shooting toff’ and claims EU subsidies, he is happy to see tens of thousands of Scottish jobs put at risk by supporting a no-deal Brexit.

“Scotland did not vote for this chaos. With Tory Ministers at Westminster who clearly don’t care about Scotland, our future cannot be left in the hands of Boris Johnson and his appointees.

“Scotland would have a much brighter future as an independent European nation and that must be our aim.”

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