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It is not only with a heavy heart but a mind full of thoughts and overwhelming emotion that I write this letter.

Regardless of all our joint efforts I have been placed on unwanted and duly unnecessary crossroads and am currently dealing with the prospect of leaving my much loved home of Arran behind tomorrow (Friday). I leave behind my husband, soulmate, life partner, friends, loving community and business to submit a new out of country spouse visa application in the hopes to regain my immigration status and return as soon as possible.

It has been a very trying time not only for John and me but all involved in taking on board a cause reflecting the greatest compassion and understanding to individual circumstances. We would not have had the strength to get through this had it not been for the overwhelming support and encouragement from not only close friends but the Arran community and all involved either through signing the petition, writing to various members of parliament, social media and media alike. A special thanks to Patricia Gibson MP, who has dealt with my case from the onslaught and has worked tirelessly far and beyond the realm of duty pushing for a favourable outcome.

The volume of support received is a true indication of the spirit of heart within a society that welcomes people from all walks of life, cultures and background, given the opportunity to not only integrate in a community but become part of and loved.

I ask that this not be the end but the beginning of a struggle to grant not only myself but people in similar circumstances equal rights to live a life where they so wish and are welcomed with such loving arms as I have experienced on Arran. Let us all through solidarity keep writing to respective MPs continue signing the petition and stand together in a righteous cause that is unjustly putting countless people through undue hardship, pain and suffering.

Together we can and will make a difference to individual lives in future by building the foundation of a society where one can be free, integrate and contribute towards strengthening and uniting a country and its diverse people. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

Lizanne Zietsman

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