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I was delighted to participate in a debate on 20 years of devolution, reflecting on some of the fantastic work the Scottish Parliament has undertaken since its inception in 1999. I took the opportunity to highlight the impact the Scots’ Parliament has had on improving the lives of the people who live and work in Scotland. There is no doubt that the Scottish Parliament sets the legislative agenda that others need to follow.

Born out of the frustration and disappointment with a remote and unresponsive Westminster parliament, the last 20 years has seen the Scottish Parliament produce some really creative, innovative and progressive measures which are helping to create a more socially just Scotland. From land reform to social care for the under 65s, the ban on smoking in public places, driven by Kenneth Gibson MSP, to the minimum unit pricing on alcohol, and from tackling fuel poverty to tackling climate change, the Scottish Parliament has had a positive influence on life in Scotland, and I firmly believe the next 20 years can and will do even more, with the full powers of an independent country.

Click below to watch my contribution.

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