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I raised with the Leader of the House the serious difficulty I am experiencing in obtaining any form of response from HMRC to letters I have sent on behalf of my constituents. Phone lines are unattended, and chasing letters are seemingly ignored, meaning I am unable to get resolutions to matters of great importance to my constituents.

I also raised the fact that despite two previous corrections from myself, I have just received a third letter from HMRC, stating that I am an English taxpayer. The Leader of the House may have found this amusing, but I do not. The fact that HMRC is identifying Scottish taxpayers, based in Scotland and living in Scotland, as English taxpayers, raises serious issues as this will affect the calculations of the Scottish Government’s annual budget.

The Scottish Government is pursuing a progressive taxation policy, unlike the UK Government’s obsession with tax cuts for high earners, and these issues may potentially affect tax revenue available to the Scottish Government to spend on our public services. HMRC must get it sorted.


to watch the exchange.

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