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I raised a point of order in the House of Commons today regarding the case of a constituent, Lizanne Zietsman, who faces deportation from the UK in nine days' time. Ms Zietsman is settled on the Isle of Arran with her husband, with whom she runs a successful small business. There has been an outpouring of support from locals who are deeply distressed at the prospect of losing a valuable member of their island community.

I have made a number of representations to UK Visas and Immigration regarding this case, have written to the Minister of State for Immigration, have tabled an Early Day Motion on the subject and will present a petition next week calling for the Home Office to reconsider this appalling decision.

Ms Zietsman must not be forced to leave her home, her husband, her business and the community which has taken her to its heart. The UK Government must reflect on its immigration policies which simply do not work for Scotland.

Click below to watch.

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