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I was delighted to be able to recently contribute to a debate on pet identification, where I set out the case for the introduction of compulsory microchipping for cats and called for cats to be added to the list of animals who, if hit by a car, must be reported to the police. This will mean that the same rules apply to cats under the law, as are currently in place for dogs.

We all understand how worrying it can be when your beloved cat does not come home at night, and you have no idea if it is safe, if it is lost or has come to harm. The mandatory microchipping of dogs has been a great success, and it makes sense to do the same for cats, after all they are more independent than dogs and more likely to be lost by their owners. Microchipping cats will mean that when they are found they can be scanned and returned to their owners, and if they have been injured or killed, their owners can be notified. I recorded my appreciation of all the work undertaken by Cats Protection across the UK and, more locally the sterling work done by North Ayrshire Cats Protection.

Both the Scottish and UK Governments must act on this matter, after all the benefits of microchipping are clear, both for the welfare of cats and the peace of mind of owners. I will be raising these matters with the Scottish Government since this matter is devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

Click below to watch my contribution.

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