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I spoke in a debate about the long-term sustainability of the post office network, something of huge value to our communities and our businesses. I highlighted the importance of the Post Office to small businesses, particularly those in rural areas, and especially now that banks have abandoned so many of our towns.

Postmasters in my constituency and across Scotland are encountering significant difficulties in making a living, often earning less than minimum wage despite operating a vital service for local communities and counting thousands of pounds every day on behalf of banks. Whilst I welcome improvements in remuneration for postmasters, we will see whether the improvements help to make this service more sustainable.

This is an issue I have campaigned on since long before I was elected, and I will continue to do so until our postmasters get the fair deal they deserve. Our post offices are too important to be left to flounder at the mercy of banks that are apparently too big to fail, and of successive UK Governments who have consistently failed to recognise the importance of the Post Office to our communities.

Click below to watch my contribution.

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