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Patricia Gibson MP has called on the UK Government to ensure the future of the Post Office network is secure.

The calls come as new figures reveal that Scotland is being hit hardest by post office closures. Of 1,016 temporarily closed branches in the UK, 134 are in Scotland. With many postmasters earning less than the Minimum Wage the future of much of the Post Office network is under real threat.

SNP MP Gavin Newlands obtained an Adjournment Debate at Westminster this week on the matter, and SNP MPs highlighting the rising importance of post offices to small towns and rural communities and renewed SNP calls for the UK Government to act to protect their future.

Patricia said:

“Local post offices have become increasingly important to local communities - particularly the elderly and those with additional support needs, because of the face-to-face services that they provide.

“Our post offices play a huge role in public life; everything from pensions and benefits to vital day-to-day banking services.

“In some North Ayrshire and Arran communities the Post Office is the last place where a face-to-face service is available, making it essential for people who live here.

“It is now imperative that the UK Government acts to ensure we have no more post office closures as we witnessed when the last UK Labour Government closed hundreds!. It is also essential that postmasters are properly remunerated for the delivery of post office services so that the network is sustainable.”


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