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This is a small sample of the appalling abuse I have been met with over the weekend as a direct result of a categorically untrue story printed by The Scottish Sun’s so-called journalist, Mr Chris Musson. The original “story” and these kind of comments are still posted on the Scottish Sun’s Facebook page.

He printed this without speaking to me, despite the fact that he knows proceedings in the Chamber are filmed, so his picture of me “sleeping” could easily be disproved. That makes it odd that he did not speak to me about this. Instead he chose to publish in the paper and on all social media sites of the paper a still photograph the intention of which could only be to mislead and damage my reputation. For the full clip, showing what actually happened, please see the post below.

It may well be the case that my safety has been compromised as a direct result of this irresponsible behaviour.

The new normal is that you can say what you like, whip up hatred against any politician you don’t like and that is acceptable. It is not and if Mr Musson had any backbone he would apologise and print a retraction which should be given the same prominence as the original untrue story. Anything else adds evidence of cowardice to irresponsibility.

We’ll see.

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