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Patricia Gibson MP has expressed her disappointment in Westminster today that the Tories are "completely failing to do the day job,” as the UK Government collapses into crisis and chaos, and key ministerial roles have been left vacant for weeks.

Tory Vice-Chairman, James Cleverly MP was forced to admit that Sarah Newton MP, who resigned as Minister for Disabled People on 13 March, will not be replaced because the Prime Minister fears further resignations and reshuffles.

This is indicative of the Government’s priorities, which are entirely consumed with getting their deal through parliament and trying to hold their fractured party together, and it seems disabled people will have to pay the price for this chaos.

In total, four ministerial posts and eleven ministerial aide roles remain unfilled. This follows thirty-nine resignations from Mrs May's government since the 2017 election, including the resignation of seventeen ministers over Brexit since June 2018.

Commenting, Mrs Gibson said:

"The Tories are completely failing to do their day job, as Theresa May's Government sinks deeper into crisis and inertia.

"At a time when Scotland and the UK face a threat to jobs and living standards with Brexit, the Tories are selfishly focused on their own narrow party interests and bitter internal divisions.

"That this Tory Government thinks its even remotely acceptable to leave the role of Minister for Disabled People unfilled for more than two weeks adds insult to the injury inflicted on all those suffering through the Tory Government’s shameful treatment of disabled people.

"It is now clearer than ever that Westminster is incapable of standing up for Scotland. The only way to properly protect our interests is with independence."

Click below to watch the exchange:

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