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I asked the Leader of the House to explain why the UK Government believes a cap on the resale price of tickets would not work. I have engaged in extensive correspondence with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to urge them to introduce such a cap, but so far they have sat on their hands, while consumers continue to be exploited.

After much pressure, some action has been taken on this issue, with the introduction of a ban on using online bots to buy huge amounts of tickets to popular shows within seconds of going on sale, as well as more strict enforcement of the Consumer Rights Act. However, professional ticket touts are still finding ways to rip off fans who simply wish to enjoy their favourite concerts, comedy tours and sporting events. The result is that consumers end up paying up to hundreds of pounds more than the face value of ticket prices as “extras” and hidden costs are added, often without the buyer being made fully aware of this.

A cap on the price of ticket resale price would deter the extreme profiteering and sharp practice by big ticketing platforms at fans’ expense, and I am disappointed that the UK Government is yet to act.

My intention is to bring forward a Private Members’ Bill to cap the extra charges for online ticket resale prices so that consumers can no longer be ripped off.

Please click below to watch the exchange.

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