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I am delighted to support World Book Day (UK & Ireland) national ‘Share a Story’ campaign, encouraging parents and carers to read with their children for ten minutes a day.

Every year, World Book Day creates bespoke £1 books for children and young adults across the UK and Ireland, to promote the magic of books, the power of imagination and the importance of reading. This year the campaign is urging parents and carers to take ten minutes to ‘share a story’ with their children, to revive reading as a national pastime.

Every child in North Ayrshire & the Isle of Arran will be given a £1 book token for World Book Day, taking place today, the 7th March 2019, which they can take to a bookshop or supermarket to get their free World Book Day book (or £1 off any full price book that takes their fancy).

I hope parents, grandparents and carers in North Ayrshire & Arran will take time to read for ten minutes with their children on World Book Day, and every day after. Sharing stories together, at home or school, in the library or in the park, on a bus or train – anywhere, anytime – for just ten minutes a day has long-lasting effects on a child’s future.

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