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I asked about planned changes to eligibility for pension credit which will represent a significant financial loss of up to £7,320 per year for mixed-aged couples. There is no doubt that this could have a devastating effect on the health and wellbeing of some older people, and push more pensioners into poverty. It is also yet another financial blow to Cunninghame WASPI 🐝and all WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign born in the 1950s, who are already experiencing financial difficulty having been given little or no notice of their delayed pension pay-out and, as a result have been robbed of tens of thousands of pounds.

Andrea Leadsom, Office of the Leader of the House of Commons,answered my question, by saying the Tory UK government sought to ensure fairness.

How is it fair to cut essential income from our poorest pensioners? If the Tories are so sure these damaging changes are fair to our poorest pensioners, I wonder why they sneaked the announcement out to coincide with the last Brexit vote, when all eyes were elsewhere.

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