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On 5th December at Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs)I asked the UK Prime Minister about the European Structural Fund which is worth billions of pounds to Scotland and millions of pounds to North Ayrshire & Arran.

This fund is used to tackle poverty and promote social inclusion in North Ayrshire, promoting employability for those who face barriers to employment and also to support young people into education, training and employment.

After Brexit, this fund is to be replaced by the UK Shared Propserity Fund and even though we face leaving the EU in a matter of weeks, we still have no details on this replacement funding.

The Prime Minister told me at PMQs that she would be "consulting on this new fund by the end of the year". So, in early January I wrote to her asking about this consultation - you can see my letter below. I expect a response soon.

It is not good enough that North Ayrshire & Arran and the whole of Scotland faces losing this funding with no apparent replacement funding in sight. I will continue to pursue this matter on behalf of my constituents.

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