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On Tuesday 15 January, prior to the Brexit vote, at the Scotland Office in London, Ayrshire MPs and representatives from Ayrshire’s three local authorities and the Scottish Secretary of State for Scotland, met to recognise the co-operation which has led to the anticipated final agreement of the Ayrshire Growth Deal.

The Secretary of State for Scotland paid tribute to the work of the local authorities, Ayrshire MPs and the Scottish Government who have worked so hard in partnership to progress this deal to its conclusion.

North Ayrshire & Arran MP, Patricia Gibson MP, who raised the Ayrshire Growth Deal on many occasions at Westminster and led a debate there on the issue, said:

“This meeting signified that huge progress has been made in securing this deal, backed by the Scottish Government and, now, the UK government.

“The agreement for the Ayrshire Growth Deal is now in place and it is expected to be signed off on 25 January.

“I am excited at the economic opportunities this £324 million investment - half from the Scottish Government and half from the UK Government - will deliver for Ayrshire. It is expected to attract £2 billion of private investment and create an estimated 13,000 jobs in the course of its 15 year programme of inclusive growth.

“I look forward to this Deal being signed off, so that we can work together to start bringing the economic benefits it will bring to Ayrshire as soon as possible”

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