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Thanks to the Scottish National Party (SNP) Scottish Government, most treatment in NHS National Services Scotland is free, without many of the costs imposed in England by successive Labour, Coalition and Tory governments.

There can however be charges for some treatments, but even then you may be entitled to assistance.

The SNP Government has published a detailed information booklet providing advice on what help an individual may be entitled to for NHS charges.

It includes information regarding dental treatment, repair or replacement of glasses or contact lenses, assistance with travel costs getting to and from medical appointments and so on.

For instance, you are:

• In receipt of Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit.

• Aged 16 or 17 and supported by a local authority because you recently left local authority care, you are entitled to full help with health costs through the NHS Low Income Scheme. If not, you may still be able to get help through the Low Income Scheme.

• Under 16 years old, you are entitled to vouchers towards the cost of glasses or contact lenses, including when you have lost or damaged your glasses or contact lenses.

• In receipt of the Pension Credit Guarantee.

If you have paid for treatment you are actually entitled to receive free of charge, you can claim a refund within three months of paying the health cost.

To find out more, simply follow the link below which leads to the document.…/entitled-help-hea…/govscot%3Adocument

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