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The abject failure of the “dysfunctional” UK Tory Government to respect Scotland’s interests over the past year has shown clearly, why Scotland needs independence, said Patricia Gibson MP.

Since June 2016, the UK government’s incompetent and chaotic approach to Brexit negotiations has left the UK’s political establishment in chaos as 29 March 2019 approaches.

In 2018, the UK Government:

• Ignored repeated attempts by the Scottish National Party (SNP) Scottish Government to pursue a compromise option of single market and customs union membership, the best option for jobs and household incomes short of European Union - EU membership

• Made no mention of Scotland in the entire 585 page EU Withdrawal Agreement, despite Scotland supposedly being an ‘Equal Partner’ under the Union

• Proposed a deal that could see Northern Ireland given a competitive economic advantage over Scotland

• Attacked devolution by changing UK law after the fact to undermine Holyrood’s cross-party attempt to prepare Scotland’s laws for Brexit

• Opposed the efforts by Scottish politicians to establish whether the UK can revoke Article 50, providing crucial clarity over future options

• Delayed a vote on the proposed Withdrawal Agreement to protect the UK Prime Minister, recklessly pushing the UK closer to a No Deal Brexit

Meanwhile, Labour has been “divided and opportunistic” over Brexit, while looking to do its own deal with the DUP, shows that a change of UK Government not to respect Scotland’s interests.

Commenting, Patricia Gibson said:

“The past year has been truly eye-opening, with the dysfunctional, self-serving and inept approach of the UK Government obvious for all to see.

“Scotland voted almost 2:1 to remain in the EU and yet our voice and interests have been completely ignored from day one.

“The contrast with independent Ireland, which has received overwhelming support and solidarity from other EU nations, has been startling.

“With their ludicrous and duplicitous policy of constructive ambiguity - with the emphasis on ambiguity - Labour is just as divided and opportunistic over Brexit as the Tories.

“Only independence will put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”


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