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Yesterday the Prime Minister delivered a statement following the meeting of the European Council last week.

It seems nothing much has changed and I put it to the Prime Minister that, since she and the Leader of the Opposition have both ruled out putting the final verdict on Brexit back to the people, there is clearly a feeling that now we know all the facts, now we know that the Leave Campaign was found to have broken electoral law by the Electoral Commission, now we know that there will be no £350m a week for the NHS as a result of Brexit, that the verdict of the public on the UK’s membership of the EU will be different from what it was in 2016.

Both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition are united in their desire to press on with Brexit, regardless of the consequences for jobs and prosperity across the UK. We end where we began, fear of UKIP gaining ground on these parties, which is why we had the EU referendum in the first place. Click below to hear the exchange:

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