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A note from NICOLA STURGEON - Wednesday 14th November 2018

It is obvious that the Prime Minister can barely unite her cabinet on this deal, and ‎it is also increasingly clear that she will struggle to get a majority for it in Parliament.

In these circumstances it is more important than ever that we are not faced with a false choice between a bad deal and no deal.

No one should be effectively blackmailed into a choice between the frying pan or the fire.

This proposed deal would be a bad one for Scotland, taking us out of a single market eight times the size of the UK market alone and posing a huge threat to jobs, investment and living standards.

If this deal is indeed rejected by Parliament then the UK Government must return to the negotiating table to secure a better one.

Our bottom line – short of continued EU membership – is continued, permanent membership of the single market and customs union.


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