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Nearly 3,000 Scottish households are affected by the alleged mis-selling of energy efficiency products by Cambuslang-based company HELMS, leaving many with huge debts and some unable to sell their property. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) fined the company £200,000 last year for making more than six million nuisance sales calls before crashing into liquidation.

Patricia Gibson MP has called for the UK government to offer financial support to those left in debt after signing up to the scheme.

Commenting Mrs Gibson said:

“The implementation of the UK Government’s so called ‘Green Deal’ has been disastrous.

“What began as a good idea in theory has been an unmitigated disaster for thousands of families. The UK Tory Government’s negligence has allowed these households to fall deeper into debt, placing rocketing energy bills on families, many of whom were already struggling to heat their homes. All because of this UK Government scheme.

“When people see a UK Government logo on the paperwork they expect the highest level of financial security and an exceptional standard of accreditation. Yet HELMS used very questionable tactics to sell installations to consumers that were often unsuitable to their needs.

“This scheme was supposed to provide energy efficient homes. Instead, it has placed millions of pounds in the hands of few individuals who have inflicted severe stress and financial worry on people who just wanted some home improvements.

“The UK Government must provide answers as to how they got into such a mess and they must act now to provide financial redress for the difficulties they have caused.”


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