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I presented a Parliamentary petition on behalf of residents of North Ayrshire and Arran affected by the failure of the UK Government-backed scheme HELMS (Home Energy and Lifestyle Management Systems) Green Deal Scheme.

My petition notes the financial hardship experienced by those affected, and the significant difficulties this has created for them. Many residents, some of them vulnerable, invested their life savings in good faith, and others have accrued up to £17,000 in debt to pay for the work that was carried out, even though in many cases the installer did not apply for building warrants, leaving those affected unable to sell their homes or have the assurance that they are safe to live in, or can be insured.

I have urged the UK Government to take steps to compensate and protect those who have found themselves suffering because of this Government backed Scheme, and to act to ensure that this cannot happen in the future

Please click the link below to see me presenting this petition:

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