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Earlier this week I discussed Baby Loss Awareness Week on Radio 5 Live to help break the taboo around this issue which leaves bereaved families feeling isolated when they face this life-changing event.

As well as the Bereavement Care Pathway, the Paid Bereavement Leave Bill which enshrines statutory paid leave for parents whose child dies or is stillborn, the exploration of Coroners’’ Enquiries (England) or Fatal Accident Inquiries (Scotland) following some stillbirths where it is in the public interest, a scheme to allow parents who suffer a miscarriage before 24 weeks’ gestation to register their child’s death is also something that is moving forward in both Scotland and England, in partnership with baby loss charities and bereaved parents who have gone through this terrible experience.

Progress is being made to support all those who lose a baby but there is no room for complacency. Stillbirth figures in Scotland are improving but there is still much to do and prevention is key.

Please click the link below to hear my interview.

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