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Access to UK Government Ministers has been "compromised, politicised and coordinated” to assist the Tories in Scotland. Patricia Gibson MP has asked why ministers have met with Tory MPs in Scotland on numerous occasions, while repeatedly and seemingly intentionally failed to meet with SNP MPs over constituency related issues when asked. Ministers also ignore their responsibility to inform SNP MPs of visits to their constituencies. Patricia said: “It has become increasingly concerning that access to UK government Ministers has become compromised, politicised and co-ordinated to give party political advantage to Tory MPs, which I believe breaches the good faith of the Ministerial Code. “I have seen pictures of Tory MPs in Scotland with Ministers promising to take up issues on behalf of their constituents. Yet, when I and SNP colleagues, ask for similar meetings, we have either been refused, not given the courtesy of a response, or told that I can take it up with the Minister in the tea-room. This is utterly unacceptable. “Access to Ministers, and being able to raise vital constituency issues, must be something that is afforded to all MPs. Every constituent should be afforded the same rights from Ministers. To politicise access for party political advantage is simply unacceptable and anti-democratic. “This is a shocking abuse of Ministerial party patronage that goes against every principle of Parliamentary access. It must end.” ENDS

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