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The SNP Government has launched a consultation on guidance that aims to make funeral costs easier to understand.

The consultation sets out measures that burial authorities, crematoria and funeral directors can take to make funeral costs more transparent and understandable.

The consultation and guidance is part of the SNP Government’s strate

gy to tackle high funeral costs.

Cabinet Secretary for Communities Aileen Campbell said:

“The loss of a loved one is one of the most distressing times we will face; an experience made even worse for people who are struggling to pay for a funeral.

“We are committed to tackling funeral poverty in Scotland.

“This guidance is one of a series of actions set out in our Funeral Costs Plan marks an important step in helping people understand and plan for the costs associated with arranging a funeral.

Patricia Gibson MP added:

“As SNP Consumer Affairs Spokesperson I have been contacted about funeral costs on many occasions and have spoken on the issue at Westminster.

“We want to encourage funeral directors and burial and cremation authorities to make information more accessible.

“I encourage anyone with an interest in this sensitive area to respond to this consultation.”

The consultation runs for 12 weeks until 08 November and is at:


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