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Across Scotland, the Tories are trying to make political capital by claiming that Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs vote in only 75% of divisions at Westminster, compared to 90% for their own MPs. But what are the facts behind this?

Believing that Scotland was ‘getting too big for its boots,’ English Tory MPs wanted to reduce the influence of ALL Scottish MPs and so introduced English Votes for English Laws (EVEL). This means that the votes of Scottish MPs who vote on matters relating only to England are not counted. SNP MPs therefore do not participate in such votes. However, Tory MPs who represent Scottish constituencies cynically and hypocritically vote on issues – such as cutting school meals budgets in England – when they know that under EVEL their votes will not be counted, just to claim a better voting record.

Ayrshire and Arran MP Patricia Gibson said:

“The cynicism of Tories voting on issues when they know that their votes will not be counted knows no bounds. Ironically, it was their government that brought in EVEL, even though SNP MPs have never voted on English-only matters. By voting under such circumstances, Tory cynicism is matched only by their hypocrisy.

“The real question is why Tory MPs ‘representing’ Scottish constituencies:

• Voted to cut Scotland’s budget

• Backed a power grab to reduce the powers of the Scottish Parliament

• Support austerity measures that have driven many of their own constituents into poverty and crisis

• Voted against Single Market and Customs Union membership – which will threaten Scottish jobs – when every Scottish constituency voted to Remain in the European Union (EU).

• Supported the disastrous roll-out of Universal Credit, costing some working families up to £3,000 a year

• Opposed justice for Scotland’s WASPI women – despite promising to back them prior to being elected - who have been robbed of their pensions

• Broken their promise to secure Barnett consequentials from the £1,000 million deal between the Tories and Northern Ireland’s DUP to prop up Mrs May’s Government.

“The people of Scotland can see that Tory MPs are not standing up for Scotland, as they promised to do.

“Whilst the entire Tory Party is consumed by in-fighting, the Tory MPs in Scotland have completely ignored their constituents’ views on the biggest issues facing the country.

“I make no apologies for not voting on English Only matters. It is time for the Tories to explain why they continue to cynically vote on English only matters when their votes are discounted while consistently voting against Scotland’s interests.

“Representing constituents is not just about how often one votes in Parliament but what one is voting for – and against!”


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