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Tory double standards on Ministry of Defence (MoD) pay has been exposed, after it was revealed that around 220 staff in Scotland don’t receive the Real Living Wage, just days after the Tories topped up the salaries of some of the best paid MoD staff.

An MoD Freedom of Information response revealed that 220 staff in Scotland earn below the Real Living Wage of £8.75 an hour. Nevertheless, they are not in line to receive any pay boost from their employers.

The policy is set to cost around £4 million, while boosting the pay of MoD employees receiving less than the real living wage would cost less than £400,000.

Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said:

“This smacks of double standards from the Tories, after their comments of recent days regarding pay for forces personnel.

“If they are so concerned with equality why don’t they ensure that all MoD staff are paid the living wage?

“Boosting the incomes of the lowest paid MoD staff would cost less than a tenth of what the Tories are spending to top up higher incomes, yet once again, for people on lower incomes they are not prepared to lift a finger.”

‘Defence chiefs slammed for paying hundreds of Scots staff less than Living Wage — despite boasting about topping up soldiers’ earnings’…/living-wage-ministry-of…/

Maximum difference in pay per person = 37.5 hrs a week x 52 weeks a year x the difference in pay (£0.91): £1774.50

Maximum difference in pay for 220 staff: £1774.50 x 220: £390,390.


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