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North Ayrshire & Arran MP, Patricia Gibson will today lead a debate at Westminster which she secured on what leaving the European Union (EU) will mean for Scotland.

Mrs Gibson said:

"There are profound implications for Scotland as we approach Brexit and in this debate I will set these out in full.

"The UK Government has torn up the devolution settlement. The democratically elected Scottish Parliament was ignored after voting overwhelmingly - by 95 votes to 32 - against repatriating powers to London. What is required is emergency legislation from the UK Government to remove Clause 11 from the Bill. This would enable Westminster and the Scottish Parliament to reach agreement on UK-wide frameworks.

"According to the Fraser of Allander Institute, Brexit remains the greatest risk to Scotland's economic prosperity. A reduced level of trade is expected to result in the Scottish economy being between 2% and 5% smaller than would otherwise be the case, impacting on wages and living standards.

"There is huge insecurity and uncertainty about the what a post-Brexit UK will look like and this lack of clarity is deeply unsettling for business. There is a sense of UK Government paralysis after two years of Tory in-fighting whilst the Scottish Government continues to protect jobs and the economy.

"The SNP continues to support UK membership of the single market and customs union to protect Scotland's economic, social and political interests, namely the freedom of movement of goods, people and capital to and from the EU.”

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