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A Freedom of Information request made to the Department for Work and Pensions - DWP has revealed that disabled people in North Ayrshire & Arran Constituency have lost out on £1,033,211 over a year because of Westminster cuts to disability benefit.

The figures show that 310 disabled people suffered social security benefit cuts, following the change from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in a money-saving attempt from the UK Tory Government to cut welfare spending.

PIP is the new, non-means-tested benefit for people aged between 16-24 with long term health conditions, whether physical or mental.

These cuts, which have taken away £56 million from vulnerable people across Scotland, hit the poorest folk hardest and left many disabled people without enough money to live independently.

Patricia Gibson MP commented:

“It is absolutely shocking that Tory welfare cuts have taken £1,033,211 away from 310 people in my North Ayrshire & Arran Constituency alone. This is the latest in a series of disastrous cuts which have robbed vulnerable people of money they were previously entitled to.

“While the Scottish National Party (SNP) The Scottish Government is setting up a new Scottish social security agency, built on dignity and respect, these figures show just how damaging Tory welfare cuts are to North Ayrshire and Scotland.

“Only with full powers over social security can Scotland begin to remedy the loss of income that disabled people face under this UK Tory government.”

Cuts by Westminster constituency:


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