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Yesterday I spoke in a debate on autism during World Autism Awareness Week.

We have come some way in our understanding of autism but we still have a long way to go, which can be seen in some of the poor outcomes for those living with autism, as I set out in my speech.

We have 700,000 people across the UK who have been diagnosed as autistic and, along with their families, that means that some 2.8 million people live with the challenges that autism brings, every single day.

Too often, autism brings isolation to those affected and this can have very damaging and long lasting consequences.

We need to continue to work create the conditions where those living with autism feel supported and welcome in our communities. That is why raising awareness and understanding of it is so important. It is also important that we keep these matters in the spotlight and that is why I was so pleased to be able to participate once again on a debate on this important issue.

Please click the link below to watch my contribution:

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