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I had a great time at the very first Ayrshire Potato Day on Saturday in Saltcoats Town Hall, organised by the Three Towns Growers.

I also bumped into Councillor Davina McTiernan SNP and Councillor Jean McClung SNPyet again.

There were 40 different varieties of potato to choose from, including the old Ayrshire Early favourite, the Epicure.

There truly was something for everyone, from beginner growers to experienced gardeners.

There can be no doubt that potato growing is an important part of Ayrshire’s heritage.

On hand at the event we’re tips on potato growing advice from expert growers as well as workshops for beginners and experienced growers.

Also featuring were stalls with a range of locally made products, gardening supplies and crafts.

A great event. Let’s hope it is on again next year! Well done to Three Towns Growers!

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