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Patricia Gibson MP has welcomed the Prime Minister’s climbdown over European Union (EU) citizen residency rights who arrive during the transition period when the UK leaves the EU, but warned that measures do not go far enough.

In a statement the UK Government agreed to give EU citizens five year temporary permits and the right to apply for settlement in the UK but made no movement on their family reunion rights after the transitional period has ended.

Mrs Gibson said:

“Bit by bit, we see the Prime Minister being forced to acknowledge the fact that EU citizens have a hugely positive impact on our economy and country and any step in that direction is welcome. However, Mrs May has much further to go, not just for EU nationals arriving during the transition period, but also for those already here, regarding their family rights and other key issues.

“We now see the outcome of negotiations between the Prime Minister and the EU in December reflected in a stark draft withdrawal treaty that states quite brutally that UK citizens will no longer enjoy free movement.

“The UK Government's obsession with their hard Brexit plans is already beginning to bite, as the number of skilled EU workers in the UK dropped, and the UK has hit its self-imposed monthly cap for visas for skilled workers for the third month in a row. Unless the UK Tory Government urgently gets a grip, it will continue down the road of isolationism and retreat."

EU citizens arriving in the UK during the implementation period: read more by clicking here.

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