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The Smart Meters Bill has now passed through its final stage in the House of Commons.

Whilst there are advantages offered by smart meters, I expressed concern about the fact that consumers are not being told they do not need to have a smart meter if they decide they do not want to. Energy companies are often not informing consumers of this right to choose.

In addition, if the reports are true of smaller energy companies using cold calling to persuade consumers to fit a smart meter in their homes, with big bonuses on offer for such sales reps, then this could well lead to older and more vulnerable consumers being subject to undue pressure to install a smart meter. This is a real concerns.

And it is not good enough that energy companies continue to mislead consumers by telling them smart meters are free – they are not. We will all pay for smart meters through our energy bills.

This misinformation has led to many consumers developing a distrust of the entire smart meter programme. If energy companies are perceived as not giving consumers all the facts, this will negatively impact on any progress in rolling out smart meter technology from which many could benefit.

You can see my contribution below.

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