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Yesterday, I participated in a debate on fireworks prompted by an e-petition calling on a change in the law to include a ban on the public use of fireworks.

We all enjoy fireworks but because they are so widely available for several months of the year and freely available to anyone over the age of 18 years old, it seems to be increasingly the case that some of our communities are subjected to the abuse, alarm and distress due to the irresponsible and misuse of fireworks causing danger to pets, children and vulnerable people.

In Scotland, the Scottish Parliament is in the bizarre situation where it can regulate the use of fireworks but the sale of fireworks is reserved to Westminster. That means in Scotland we can do nothing further to restrict the sale of fireworks.

I believe it is time to look seriously at banning the sale of fireworks and restrict their use to those organising public, organised licensed firework displays. This will ensure safety, tackle irresponsible use of fireworks and allow pet owners the opportunity to make preparations in advance to protect their pets.

Please click above to hear my contribution to this debate:

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