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As this years Cervical Cancer Prevention Week draws to a close the messages of this week are important for all women throughout the entire year with the theme this year being "Reduce Your Risk"

I, along with Kenneth Gibson MSP, was delighted to help raise awareness of this disease with community activist and campaigner, Suzanne Fernando in South Beach Surgery in Ardrossan, local activists and Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Cervical cancer can be prevented. It is important that every woman knows how they can reduce their risk of the disease and the steps they can take to look after their health.

This means: •Attending cervical screening when invited •Knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer and seeking medical advice if experiencing any •Taking up the HPV vaccination if aged 11-18 •Talking to friends and family to ensure they know how they can reduce their risk •Knowing where to find support and further information

75% of cervical cancers can be prevented by cervical screening (smear tests)

9 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day

2 women lose their lives to the disease every day.

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