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Further to my letter to the Chief Executive of RBS, Ross McEwan, I received the response above which, whilst promising mobile banks to replace the branches earmarked for closure, falls far short of what the people of North Ayrshire expect.

It is simply not acceptable that this bank, which is 70% owned by the taxpayer, has failed to engage with customers or consult with the communities they purport to serve.

Having already logded an Early Day Motion in Parliament condemning these closures, I will be out in the affected towns over the next few weeks collecting signatures for a petition which I wil be presenting to Westminster to demonstrate the sense of betrayal and abandonment felt by our communities, not to mention the job losses, urging RBS to think again and for the UK Government to bring its influence to bear on this disgraceful situation.

I have also tabled for a debate specifically on how North Ayrshire communities will be affected by these closures. RBS is not listening but I will do all I can to make the voices of the affected communities heard.

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