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lmost two-thirds of Scots want powers currently held by Brussels to be transferred to Holyrood and not Westminster when the UK leaves the European Union, a new poll has revealed, as negotiations continue between Scottish and UK ministers over where the 111 powers being repatriated should go. The poll shows that 62% want to see responsibilities over devolved areas currently held by Europe to be transferred straight to the Scottish Parliament in the wake of Brexit. The devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales will not consent to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill unless changes are made. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her Welsh counterpart Carwyn Jones have branded the Bill a "power grab" as responsibility in devolved areas is set to be returned from Brussels to London, so UK-wide frameworks in areas such as agriculture can be drawn up. Control over these areas might then subsequently be devolved to Edinburgh and Cardiff, if at all. Patricia Gibson MP commented: "This poll couldn't be clearer: Scots want the Scottish Parliament, not Westminster, to have control over devolved issues after Brexit. "Decisions about food, farming, fishing and the environment should be made in Scotland.” A total of 1,017 adults in Scotland were questioned on the issue by Survation between November 27 and 30. The poll also found 46% of people, rising to 62% when "don't knows" were excluded, felt devolution would be undermined if the powers did not come to Scotland. More than 40,000 people have signed a petition on the 38 Degrees website in support of this. Mr Kirkpatrick, head of the organisation in Scotland, said: "38 Degrees members - and nearly two-thirds of poll respondents who expressed a view - are concerned that the UK Government's current plans for a 'power grab' could undermine devolution. "Now, MPs across Scotland have to listen to their constituents and vote to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill next week to protect devolution."

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