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Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a debate on the public sector pay cap.

A few weeks ago the Chancellor had the opportunity to address this in his budget by injecting new resources for this across the UK. He failed to do so.

As a result some of our public sector workers have seen the real terms value of their pay fall significantly over the last seven years, in some cases by up to £5,000 whilst in the same period consumer price inflation has risen by 15%.

The UK Government’s plan seems to be to cherry-pick certain public sector workers for a pay rise, setting them against each other. In addition the Chancellor is providing no new money to fund any pay rises.

So, whilst billions of pounds can be found for Brexit, billions for the DUP, and a blank cheque for Trident renewal, there is, it seems, no new money for public sector workers!

Please click on the link below to hear my contribution to the debate:

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