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The UK Government has rejected calls to protect international standards by voting against a SNP amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which called on courts and tribunals to pay due regard to relevant decisions of the European Court after the UK leaves the European Union.

The amendment (137), put forward by Joanna Cherry QC MP, was designed to ensure legal certainty, and it would have ensured the UK does not lag behind in areas such as consumer rights, protections and environmental standards.

The amendment received support from the TUC, EHRC, JUSTICE and The Fawcett Society.

Commenting Joanna Cherry QC MP said:

“This is hugely disappointing, and further proof that the Tories are intent on using Brexit as a means to roll back hard won rights and protections.

“Without giving due regard to decisions of the European Court after exit day, there is no provision to ensure or even encourage that UK rights keep pace with EU rights. We could see our own rights lagging behind international standards.”

Patricia Gibson MP added:

“The SNP secured the support of many MPs from all parties and it’s deeply regrettable that the UK Government failed to see sense. The vote was close and I have no doubt this important issue will have to be revisited.”

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