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Pressure is mounting for a halt to the disastrous roll-out of Universal Credit as a new report by the Resolution Foundation reveals working families will be hundreds or thousands of pounds worse off under the botched Tory policy.

The report is the latest evidence that Universal Credit is driving families into hardship, with the Resolution Foundation showing working families will lose an average of £625 a year, with working single parents losing out by an average of £1,350 a year, and 1.1million two parent families losing an average of £2,770 a year.

Commenting Patricia Gibson MP said:

“With each day more evidence mounts of the devastating impact that Universal Credit is having; pushing people into poverty, debt and destitution, and forcing families to rely on foodbanks and emergency aid just to get by.

“It is a disgrace that millions of working households will be hundreds or thousands of pounds worse off under Universal Credit as a result of Tory cuts, making a complete mockery of the Tory pledge to make work pay.

“The UK government must finally listen, halt the disastrous roll out of Universal Credit now and take the time to fix these deep-rooted problems, before even more households are driven into hardship and crisis.”

Universal Remedy: ensuring Universal Credit is fit for purpose:…/universal-remedy-ens…/

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