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Patricia Gibson MP has warned that plans to slash Scotland’s rail funding by £600 million amounts to a “Tory train robbery,” that puts at risk public services and sets a dangerous precedent over future funding across other sectors.

Current plans would rip up the agreed rail funding methodology, which considers key factors such as population size, geography and service usage that has been in place since 2005, meaning a cut of £600 million between 2019 and 2024.

Patricia commented:

“The UK government’s decision to derail the long-standing funding formula for Scotland’s rail services amounts to nothing short of a Tory train robbery.

“The £600 million funding cut does not just abandon an agreed funding arrangement that has been in place for more than 10 years, more importantly it puts at risk the very services used by people each and every day.

"The UK government is well aware of the need for adequate funding in Scotland which this sham offer fails to address. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling MP must do the right thing and give Scotland what it's due.

“With the continued threat of Brexit and with secret government economic analysis suggesting that Scotland and the North East of England will be hit the hardest, this cash grab sets a dangerous precedent over the UK government’s plans for funding and control over the purse strings post-Brexit, not just for the rail sector, but over other vital public services.

"The UK government has a case to answer to ensure Scotland is not victim to a Westminster power grab."

Rail fund allocation leaves £600m gap, says transport minister:

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