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Professor Joseph Stiglitz a member of the SNP Government’s council of economic advisors, has argued if Scotland were to achieve independence and subsequently re-join the European Union (EU), it would “resolve a lot of the uncertainties that are being created by the mismanagement of Brexit.”

Speaking in an interview on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Scotland, Stiglitz - who endorsed Scottish independence during the 2014 referendum - said that he was still “sympathetic” to the arguments for independence given the impact of Brexit, saying that the UK’s negotiations for leaving the EU were heading for a “disaster.”

Stiglitz elaborated:

“When you had a referendum a couple of years ago it seemed to me at that time it was very clear that the values and policies of Scotland were moving in a markedly different direction from those in England and that within the broader context of the EU, you might say the greater devolution of powers that might be associated with independence would be of value.

“Over the long run, our responsibility as a society is to make sure everybody who wants a job can get one. The underlying problems of lack of employment and lack of adequate pay – anybody who works full time ought to have a liveable income.”

Added Patricia Gibson MP:

“Professor Stiglitz can see the potential benefits of an independent Scotland, from a standpoint of values, policies and economics. He clearly envisages Scotland as a nation with the opportunity to become more prosperous with the powers independence will bring.”

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