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UK Government's Lack of Action Pushing Working Families Into Increasing Debt


The SNP’s Westminster spokesperson on Consumer Affairs has warned that the sitting on their hands approach of the UK government in tackling the increase in household debt and reliance on uncapped credit cards is harming families across the UK as they plunge further into debt.

The criticism follows findings from Citizens Advice Scotland which reveals that “irresponsible behaviour of some lenders” has led to one in five people who are struggling with debt seeing their credit card limit increase without warning or consent of the cardholder.

Patricia Gibson MP, SNP Consumer Affairs spokesperson, said:

“With wages stagnating, real incomes dropping and the cost of living on the rise – all which is fuelling the demand for credit - the UK Tory Government has a serious case to answer as research points to the fact that more people are relying on credit cards to get by, including working families. That reliance, coupled with the irresponsible behaviour of some lenders has seen people plunge further into debt.

“The UK Tory Government has sat on its hands in relation to rising household debt and the growth of consumer credit. Basing growth on debt-based consumption is irresponsible and unsustainable, and Ministers must act urgently to reverse this troubling and exploitative trend.

“This escalating debt crisis coincides with the worst decade of wage growth in over 200 years, increasing inequality and rising inflation."

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