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DWP Saves Ten Times What it Loses in Benefit Fraud in Unclaimed Benefits


It is thought as little as half of people entitled to Jobseekers Allowance claim the support, while many people miss out on Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit and Pension Credit.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) estimates it saves around £13,000 million a year across the UK from people who don't claim what they are entitled to, ten times what it says it loses in benefits fraud.

In Scotland it is estimated that, in 2014/15, there could be over 500,000 individuals or families not claiming the benefits they were entitled to.

Patricia Gibson MP said:

"The social security system we are building for Scotland is being designed to ensure that everyone gets the financial support they are entitled to.

“There are still many people on low incomes who are not claiming the benefits that they could. That might be because they don’t know what they are entitled to, or because the system is too complex. Whatever the reasons, they need to be understood and overcome."

SNP Councillor Kelly Parry, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities Spokesperson for Communities, added:

“Ensuring everyone in Scotland claims what they are entitled to is something councils and our local partners have supported for years.

"Councils expertise and local knowledge has played a huge part in efforts to maximise incomes for Communities across the country. Collaborative working, and sustained joint effort, working togerher with the SNP Goverment, will make a real difference to people all across Scotland.”

To find out about your benefit entitlement if you live in North Ayrshire, please contact:

Money Matters Bridgegate Irvine KA12 8BD or call them on 01294 310 456

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