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UN: Tory Cuts Cause 'Human Catastrophe' For Disabled



The Chair of an influential United Nations (UN) committee has said that the UK Tory Government’s welfare cuts have created a “human catastrophe” for disabled people across the UK, after a two-day long UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities meeting with UK government officials.

The callous austerity measures imposed by the Tories since 2010 have had a devastating impact on the most vulnerable people in society. The UN committee accused the Tory Government of “totally neglecting the vulnerable situation people with disabilities find themselves in.”

The criticism of UK government policy towards persons with disabilities is the latest embarrassment for the Tory government. The same UN committee previously criticised Tory policies ruling that flagship Tory policies such as the Bedroom Tax, Back to Work scheme and the Benefit Cap are illegal because of their impact on disabled people and single parents.

Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said:

“This criticism from the United Nations of the UK Government’s welfare cuts shows yet again just how damaging Tory policies have been for vulnerable and disabled people.

“The UN’s criticism should act as a wake-up call, but sadly we have been here before and the Tories simply do not listen. The UN could not be clearer; UK ministers’ record on welfare has caused a ‘human catastrophe’ as they ‘totally neglect’ the vulnerable situation of people with disabilities.

“The Tories must urgently rethink their disastrous welfare cuts, which have driven people into poverty, caused an exponential rise in the use of foodbanks, and has now been condemned, yet again, by the United Nations.

“If they are not prepared to change course, then they must give the SNP Government the full powers to make different choices and allow us to support rather than neglect the most vulnerable people in our society.”

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