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Tories Cut Scottish Rural Post Office Numbers to All Time Low


SNP Consumer Affairs Spokesperson Patricia Gibson MP has called on Ruth Davidson MSP to ensure her MPs start to deliver on her post-election promise of ‘forcefully’ standing up for Scotland by backing the SNP’s plan to save and support local Post Offices.

This follows a document from the House of Commons Library showing that the number of rural Post Offices in Scotland are at an all-time-low and more than one in five rural Post Offices in Scotland have closed in the last 15 years.

Patricia said:

“This document showing that the number of rural Post Offices in Scotland has fallen by 22% in 15 years and are at an all-time low will set alarm bells ringing.

“Tory cuts to local post offices threaten the economic well-being and social fabric of rural communities all over Scotland and need to be stopped.

“Despite Ms Davidson’s promise that her MPs will argue Scotland’s case ‘forcefully’ we have seen no evidence of this, but they can start by backing our call for a protection of all rural Post Offices in Scotland.

“The SNP will continue to campaign against the closure of rural post offices, and call for the expansion of available services through our post office network, including local banking.”

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