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World's Largest Tidal Turbine Facility Generates Power for 700,000 Scottish Homes

WORLD'S LARGEST TIDAL TURBINE PARC GENERATES POWER FOR 700,000 SCOTTISH HOMES Tidal power developer Atlantis Resources has generated one Giga Watt (GW) of electricity to the national grid from its MeyGen sea-bed turbines off Caithness. Using the four AR1500 tidal steam turbines to generate the energy, one GW can provides power for as many as 700,000 Scottish homes. David Taaffe, MeyGen Project Director, said: "The initial operations phase of MeyGen Phase 1A has been a resounding success, and we hope that our achievements will now catalyse further tidal stream developments throughout Europe and worldwide to capitalise on this unique and untapped resource. “Turbine production performance has been excellent, and the performance of the AR1500 turbine has been particularly impressive.” Patricia Gibson MP commented: "Yet another milestone has been passed as we continue to see Scotland lead the world in the production of clean, green tidal energy. “It’s also very rewarding for all those involved to see the fruits of their collective passion and labour continuing to deliver a brighter, greener energy future through delivery of this exciting new technology, the development of which has been supported by the SNP Government."

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