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Labour Chaos: Unelected Lords Drafted in to Protect Dugdale Ally


Labour’s infighting has flared up again as news reports emerge of their new MPs having led a failed attempt to stop Kezia Dugdale MSP’s ally Ian Murray MP winning a key party position only to be defeated by unelected Lords.

The majority of new MPs backed Danielle Rowley MP to become Chair of the Scottish Parliamentary Labour Party (SPLP) but the ploy to defeat outspoken Corbyn critic Ian Murray was foiled after Labour peers turned out en masse.

According to The Herald, Labour sources suggested that, had Ms Rowley won the position, she would have used her position on the party’s Scottish Executive to support any coup to replace Ms Dugdale with her father, deputy leader Alex Rowley MSP.

The chaos comes as Labour remains deeply divided over Jeremy Corbyn’s support for a hard Brexit and inflammatory comments about immigration, with Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones and a string of Labour figures criticising the party leader.

Commenting, Patricia Gibson said:

“Kezia Dugdale’s authority as Labour leader appears to be absolutely shot, needing a staged intervention by unelected Lords able to get her close ally into a key internal position.

“Ms Dugdale was amongst the most vocal critics of Jeremy Corbyn but her new MPs are no fans of fellow Corbyn critic Ian Murray. This division is typical of the cats-in-a-sack infighting that has defined Labour for years.

“With Mr Corbyn joining the Tories in embracing a hard Brexit, a slew of Labour figures have voiced concern about his anti-single market membership position, whilst Ms Dugdale has gone silent. Ms Dugdale should get a grip on her party and join us in fighting to protect jobs, household incomes and investment by opposing Theresa May’s and Jeremy Corbyn’s disastrous Brexit policy.”

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