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The Higher Education Statistics Agency data shows that the percentage of Scotland's graduates finding work or continuing education is above that of the rest of the UK.

More than 95% of Scottish graduates who finished their degrees last year went on to full employment or further study, new figures revealed.This is a record high for Scotland and a higher percentage than in the rest of the UK.The information was gathered from graduates six months after completing their degree.

Said Patricia Gibson MP:

"This is very heartening news for anyone who is contemplating studying for a degree or is already at university. It also shows how highly regarded degrees from Scotland's excellent universities are.

"Scottish students are not only more likely to be employed after graduating than elsewhere in the UK, they are not saddled with having to pay back £9,250 in tuition fees for every years of study either, as they would be in England."

An educated workforce is essential for Scotland's future prosperity and it is clear that our universities are delivering."

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